Darkeden v6.65 (AKA v7.01) Private Server Files and Client

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Darkeden v6.65 (AKA v7.01) Private Server Files and Client   Empty Darkeden v6.65 (AKA v7.01) Private Server Files and Client

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Darkeden v6.65 (AKA v7.01) Private Server Files and Client Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:41 am Reply with quote


Darkeden Server v7.01

- New pets (Mashimaro, Ruffian, Zombies, and so on)
- New skills
- Rupert Island(*warp 6000)
- New mobs from rupert island
- New gui for all races

Here is some tutorial/data:

Virtual Machine:
- Use VMWare 7.1 or newer
- User: root
- Password: sepultura
- The server is ready for offline play, just hit ./start and there you go!
- Ip:Port >>

- User: sepultura
- Pass: sepultura
- Port: 3306

- Darkeden Server v7.01

- Darkeden Client v7.01
- The client only works on 32bit/86x systems , so if you are using a 64 bits one you must run the client through another virtual machine with windows xp.
- create a dot bat file and write the following sentence: dklegend.exe NEWSTART Futec(
- Test account in case you dont know how to create one: User: Sepultura Pass: sepultura

Info for advanced users:
- the network being used is eth1, not eth0. eth0 was broken so i used eth1.
- the system seems stable and is using ubuntu 9.10 and the boot is a lot faster than the older versions.
- not sure if the ip is static(i didnt check before i posted this), if so it may change.

Quick Setup Guide:
Follow GetCrispy's |Guide <---click| to set-up VMware.

Then to setup the server:

1st - After you login with root you need to set your IP.

Type code and press enter:
ifconfig eth1 broadcast

2nd - Edit the .conf files to match your IP.

vi /home/darkeden/vs/conf/gameserver.conf

You need to edit the IP's here to the IP you just set.

To easily do this press : and type

Do this in these two files as well.
vi /home/darkeden/vs/conf/loginserver.conf
vi /home/darkeden/vs/conf/sharedserver.conf

3rd - Edit your DB to match your IP

mysql -u sepultura -p
sepultura (This is the passord and will not show up when typed)
use DARKEDEN; (DARKEDEN needs to be capitalized)
update GameServerInfo set IP='';
update WorldDBInfo set Host='';
flush privileges;

Now you should be able ./start and it should work.


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